XX area XXXX wedding creative museum since its inception in "good faith, quality, perfect and innovation" in the new produced strong sensation effect, has been successfully for more than couples planning out all kinds of fashionable romance, individual character unique wedding, obtain the numerous new and people in the industry's consistent high praise. XXXX with a sincere heart, professional and meticulous service, personality planning, innovative idea, diversified operation technique, for each pair of XXXX to new art makes the perfect wedding, to every couple left permanent memory.

In the receiving card, sign in Taiwan, background and subject and object table decorations, using the Smurfs theme Logo on deck, attract more

Western-style wedding program, romantic and holy atmosphere memorable wedding program to western style is given priority to, make guests
Beautiful blue symbolizes the romance of love, white symbolizes loyalty new love, white and blue as the main coloring decorate wedding, with

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